THE SHAMAN - Viejo Agustin Rivas


Viejo’s shamanic and energetic massages are simply unique. He intuitively adjusts them to each individual, thus reactivating the client’s own holistic and strong healing powers.

Along with his strong curative powers and ancient knowledge, Viejo has insight into the genetic and energetic condition of each person.

These massages have a detoxifying and regenerating effect, as well as release energy blockages. They strengthen the self-healing powers and bring the body, mind and soul back into balance.

The single-sessions aim at people who have a genuine personal interest about healing, and who wish to grow on a personal and spiritual level. For this purpose he gives instructions regarding medicine, nutrition and much more.

Each single-session is individually tailored according to the client’s needs.

„If you are interested in booking an individual-session with Viejo feel free to contact me anytime. I will provide you with further information.“

Gitika Linser